Several Roles Open To People Interested In Working As An Estate Agent

May 20th, 2010

People may not be aware of the wide selection of Careers that are accessible in estate agency. It is not only about selling houses to buyers – there are all kinds of different New careers available now in estate agency that you may never have thought about before. If you are searching for some new Career ideas and have considered moving into estate agency, then here are several more Career ideas that you may not have considered beforehand. This article may also offer helpful information for someone looking to move Careers, or for school leavers or graduates who are considering what New careers they should begin aiming for.

A residential estate agent is the role we all tend to think of when we think about estate agents – the person who assists us with one of the most important financial commitments the majority of us will make in our lifetimes. As an estate agent you need to be a very good communicator, as well as having effective people skills, and obviously a desire to sell things. You don’t need any strict training to start off as an estate agent – just effective people skills, a good head for numbers, and determination for when things get rough – estate agency can at times be a stressful job, especially given the recent recession that we have just been through. Usually people gain entry into this career path by starting at the bottom, as an apprentice working in a major chain, gaining experience and understanding. They can then either progress up the chain of command, or start up their own business. Some residential estate agents wish to move into buying and selling properties abroad, providing them with the opportunity to travel and see the world.

Commercial estate agents focus on the letting, renting and buying of commercial properties such as factories, warehouses, shops, leisure facilities and so on. Once more, no qualifications are vital for this, though in most cases you will be expected to have a few years experience within a residential estate agency before moving onto the commercial side of things.

Estate agents do normally work your regular Monday to Friday 9 to 5, with some also working Saturdays in order to gain access to extra clients who possibly struggle to get to see someone through the week due to work commitments. For commercial and residential estate agents their working days will seem largely the same – they will use a lot of time travelling around acquiring information, as well as spending time working at a desk filling out reports or gathering data. They are asked to gather information on a property, and organise for photographs to be taken. They will also be offering advice to both buyers and sellers, helping them make the right choice. Another aspect is the marketing and advertisement of properties, helping to achieve sales.

These are just a couple of the Careers on offer in estate agency – there are more focused areas available for people to work in. If real estate and selling are attractive to you, then you should certainly contemplate a career as an estate agent.

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