Self Promotion tips to getting a job in the next 3 weeks

July 6th, 2009

Do you send 5, 10, even 100 resumes without a single interview or callback? How about 100 or 200 resumes? Have you applied to dozens of jobs without getting an interview or even a callback? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.Lot’s of application, lot’s of resumes, no interviews, no callbacks. Let’s learn how to use a little self promotion to get your next job.

Sometimes you apply to that perfect job. A job that you saw online or on the newspaper and seems perfect for you and you perfect for it.You have the desire, the expertise and the experience.You are really prepared. You tailor your resume for each job position and you change your letter of introduction to match the job opening.You send your resume applying to a great job and you are one hundred percent sure you will get the job.You now expect a call back and you never get it. Nothing! No calls, no emails, just nothing.

What is wrong? Why don’t you get any callbacks? Is it you or is it them? Don’t worry, it’s not you.When I was hiring for several positions I remember getting not just 10 or 20 resumes but 100 or more of them.You need a lot of time just to read all resumes.It is not easy to get back to every single applicant to give them feedback, or to tell them why they did not make the cut. You have to use the basics of self promotion to land a great job.

How do hiring managers go through resumes? Recruiters and hiring managers usually take resumes and make 3 piles with them. In one pile you will have the trash resumes, in the other one you will see the plan B resumes and in the third pile you have the resumes of people who will get a phone interview.This is important because hiring managers make this decision in about 5 seconds.The hiring manager or head hunter will take only 5 to 10 seconds to read your job application or resume and determine if you’ll make the first cut.

You have to write your resume thinking that your first sale is to make it to the “Call back” pile, not to actually get the job.The firs thing you need to do is make it to the call back pile, the second thing to do is use self promotion to get an interview.It is when you interview where you are at the final stages of self promotion and you try to get the job. Let’s call this self promotion 101!

You also have to play the numbers game. Don’t think that just because you send one resume and job application you will immediately get one call back with a job offer.Or to send ten job applications and get ten interviews.The steps are easy, first your apply for a job and send your resume, after this you have to call in and check on your resume and try to get a face to face with the decision maker.
What are the steps to a good job hire?

  • Don’t be afraid of self promotion
  • Send an interesting, out of the ordinary letter of introduction
  • Call job placement agencies in your city

Jorge Olson is a self promotion expert and the author of The Unselfish Guide to Self Promotion, a self help book that will help you find the job of your dreams and market yourself in business and in life

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