Rocket Spanish versus Rosetta Spanish Language Course

August 16th, 2009

Both are the popular self study courses for learning the Spanish language online. But this article will helps you in choosing the right course in terms of quality, way of teaching Spanish and the course which will suit your style of learning.Do you want to know how to learning spanish easily.

Rosette stone will not be showing you any English cues from beginning to the end. Everything happens to be in Spanish and you have to figure it out. The process acts like you are learning your mother tongue by hearing the words and further making the connection to the meaning of the word.This product too requires you to be online, a big handicap. You cannot listen to it in car or load it up in your mp3 player.

Rosetta Stone works on the principal where a lesson consists of a number of questions and every question had 4 images and a button that can be pressed to hear audio. The audio can be either naming your image or describing your image and you have to matched that audio reflecting the simultaneous image.This seems to be quite easy but Rosetta Stone uses this method to an advanced level. It is more than just learning vocabulary and some fairly complicated sentences are also used as questions.

The same method was used for recognizing written words, practice writing and analyzing your speech patterns to help improve your accent. The number of lessons is vast and will take you to an advanced level but you have to buy the complete set of 3 courses to get to this level which makes it quite expensive and most people only get the first level because of this reason.Start learning Spanish easily , click

On the other hand, Rocket Spanish is a combination of both audio course and a PDF interactive course along with 3 interesting games. The audio course is 31 15-30 minute lessons. The lessons deal with basic Italian through to everyday situations like going shopping or talking to people at a birthday party. The end of the lesson involves recapping what has been learned and then answering some questions posed by the narrator. You are given time to answer and then the Italian speaker gives the answer.

An PDF Interactive course will teach you grammar, show how verbs are conjugated and introduced to new words. You will learn more about reading and writing in Italian.

The Rocket Italian games are called Mega Vocab, Mega Audio and Mega Verb. In the case of Mega Vocab and Mega Audio, you have to guess which picture is correct after hearing the written or spoken Italian word. In Mega Verb, you are asked to type in the correct conjugation of a series of verbs in terms of the tense and person that is speaking.

The Rocket Spanish will also send you follow up lessons via email.

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