Results From A Survey Which Asked What Are The Things That Offer Staff The Most Job Satisfaction.

April 18th, 2010

A leading employment search website which brings together hundreds of online jobseekers with Online Jobs vacancies recently carried out a poll of its users to discover what gives them the most satisfaction in their present job. The website in question gives details of opportunities which are advertised by both private companies and recruitment agencies. It also permits those who are seeking work or want to change jobs to register their CVs so that businesses can find suitable candidates for their vacancies. It does seem slightly ironic to commission a survey on job satisfaction from a set of people where the majority of them are potentially trying to change their job, but, in spite of this, the survey produced some interesting facts. The survey was available to all types of employees, regardless of whether they Work From Home or in an office or factory.

The leading reason for job satisfaction was Salary with twenty one per cent which means that a huge 79 per cent of respondents are not happy with their present level of remuneration. It would be logical to assume that the twenty one per cent are from the higher income bracket unless there are employees somewhere who are doing almost no work for a very poor salary and are apparently happy to be doing so. Salary was only marginally the most popular answer as Environment was second with 20%. Environment included the location of the person’s workplace, its surroundings, decor, noise levels and anything else that would have a bearing on their daily working life. As an example, working in an ancient office, in a town centre with almost non-existent parking facilities, adjacent to a noisy motorway would compare much less favourably to being employed by a new Internet Business on one of the newly-created technology parks in a countryside location. If any respondents were allowed to Work From Home then their environment would not be an issue as they will have created it themselves!

While the first two replies could be viewed as personal issues, the next two answers relate much more to job content. 18 per cent said that the Challenge was the most satisfying part of their job, followed by 15% who said Progression. So, the facility to use their abilities to overcome major obstacles in their work gives 18 per cent of employees the most satisfaction. It is fairly certain that these are not factory process workers or filing clerks! The opportunity to progress is important in many jobs and a shortage of promotion prospects can be incredibly frustrating so the 15% who see Progression as the most satisfying part of their work are really happy to have found positions which suit their drive and ambition perfectly.

The next most popular answer, at 12% was Colleagues, which, like the first two answers, is more of a personal factor than a work-related one. A lot of employees enjoy the ‘buzz’ of a frenetic office or factory and a positive atmosphere at work improves worker morale which, in turn, increases efficiency. Recent trends towards permitting employees to Work From Home do not suit everyone as many employees are not comfortable with working away from the office. The majority of the new types of Internet Business use the latest communication technology to allow most of their employees to Work From Home and they need to be very careful when recruiting employees to ensure that the people they select are happy to do Online Jobs where interaction with colleagues is minimal. The remaining two answers were Training at 8 per cent and Fun at 6%. It is good to know that 6% of employees are having so much fun at work and see it as the most satisfying aspect of their job.

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