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July 20th, 2009

If you are searching for a new job don’t just use the careers services which charge you for help and advice, as there are plenty of organisations offering guidance free of charge.

Newspapers are often an excellent source of information on jobs and careers and will often print articles on successful job hunting.

There are often articles on applying for a job in the jobs section of the local newspaper and this will be specific to the local market which is most valuable to each candidate. It is not totally free, but it comes with the cost of the newspaper.

In addition to newspapers, dedicated job hunting magazines are also available.

Many of the magazines are tailored to the world of business, with articles from successful business people and organisations.

You will find a great selection of magazines which are dedicated to a certain industry type, such as banking or nursing. As these are dedicated and industry specific you are likely to find a wealth of great recruitment advice for the area you wish to work in.

For some people, a combination of free and paid for advice and careers guidance is the key to successful job hunting and employment. Have a look on the internet at a great site I found at Tesco Job Vacancies.

There are a wide range of employment agencies providing both free and paid for job advice.

Job agencies are an ideal place to start your search for a job as they recruit employees on behalf of companies.

In addition recruitment agencies there are also organisations who specialise in helping you write your CV and application letter. This service is generally not free of charge.

You should consider if the cost of these professional services is worthwhile before utilising them.

There are also many books that provide advice to those looking for jobs. These books will provide information on writing resumes, interviewing techniques and the current job market. These books can provide valuable information for those seeking a job.

Recommendations from friends or colleagues on the best source of career advice should also be considered as they will often be speaking from experience.

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