Recommendation Letter: Why Resume Verification And A Truthful Recommendation Letter Is Very Important

January 30th, 2009

In case you’re not aware of it, it’s a common occurrence for people to cheat. Some candidates, in a desperate but dishonest attempt to get what they want, just lie about themselves in their job application packages.

And sometimes it works… at least for a while. An executive fired this one manager when he found out, after 5 years, that he lied about his educational background on his resume. Apparently, the manager got the job he applied for and must be working fine since he lasted 5 years in the company. But when it was found out that he lied, he was terminated because that means he’s not trustworthy. As you can imagine, it has proven very hard for this person to find a new job now, despite his positive work record.

You can learn a couple of lessons in this situation:

1. Avoid lying anywhere on your job application, whether it be on your resume or letter of recommendation. Although it can work in the beginning, it can also have some nasty consequences later on.

2. You have to put some trust on the person assigned to review your application package. This person has seen his share of cheaters in his profession, so he wants to be certain that you can be trusted before he hires you. You have to prove yourself to your reviewer and you have to convince him that you’re worthy of trust.

If you have authenticated info in your letter of recommendation, that’s a good way to build trust. Unlike resumes, a recommendation letter is written by a third party, so reviewers tend to trust them more. If facts are presented in your letters of recommendation that concur with what is on your resume, then the reviewer knows that they are true.

Also, you need to keep your recommendation letter as short as possible; one page is ideal. Just enough to allow a little overlap for cross-checking.

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