Recommendation Letter: Getting A Well Written Letter Of Recommendation To Get The Job You’ve Always Wanted

February 4th, 2009

Do you get frustrated when other people less deserving than you actually get the best jobs? These people advance, while everyone else has to sit and watch them do it.

What’s up with that?

Actually, not only do you need to be talented to land a good job, you should also have a great opportunity to begin with.

Sadly, for most people, their mentors didn’t spend a whole lot of time showing the ins and outs of the work world and searching for jobs. We have to find the right tools ourselves if we want to succeed.

Well written recommendations letters can help a lot when you’re trying to compete in the job search game. But the best candidates are not always the most successful at getting them.

The people who succeed in this game are the ones that know a certain secret. Their approach is as simple as it is effective:

They write their letters of recommendation themselves!

You might have come across recommendation letters that impress recruiters and colleagues. Am I saying that these letters are essentially just advertising written by the candidates themselves?

Yes! It’s absolutely true, and for good reason too…

It’s what successful candidates have already seen for themselves.

Now think about this: How can you possibly compete without doing the same thing yourself?

The answer is: you can’t!

If you are serious about landing the kind of opportunities you really deserve in today’s competitive environment, then you don’t have a choice… you better be sure that you get the best recommendation letter to land you that prestigious job.

Throughout your career, you’ll need good letters of recommendation not just once, but several times. Take this opportunity to learn this skill now and you will not regret it. Your investment of time, money, and effort will reap benefits for you now and throughout your career.

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