Recalling the Eighties, And The Essential Aspects Of The Jobs Market That Have Changed Since Then

October 5th, 2010

Some of us longer in the tooth who have lived through the 1980s might have varied opinions concerning that decade, and various things are memorable about it. There was a lot of great popular music at that time. I recall a certain lady premier, of course. Unfortunately there were some for whom that was a less than cheerful time, with unprecedented levels of joblessness. There was, at that time, no Internet business and no online jobs as there are now. However, there were opportunities for those who were willing to take them. If you were happy to do whatever you could, you could do short-term office jobs, work from home, or move round the country seeking local placements.

After graduating with a degree in Geography and finding there was not a huge call from employers for Geography graduates, I joined the large numbers of people out of work. Nonetheless, I signed up with an agency that I had heard about. Within a short while they offered me a temporary job. I began by working a printing machine in a factory, then I served as a clerk at the Tax Office (needs must, as they say!). Later I had posts as a stock controller, and typing data into a computer. The positionswere generally fairly mundane, and I wasn’t going to make my first million working in these roles, but they were work nonetheless. Within a few days after one post ending, the telephone would ring, and I would get offered a temporary post somewhere else.

Much has altered since that time. The Internet has transformed the face of jobseeking, with online jobs boards replacing many agencies. We are currently experiencing an unemployment level as critical as at any time before. Nevertheless, Internet business creates opportunities to work from home or in a conventional office in numerous types of online jobs that were previously unheard of.

In 1988 I was offered a permanent job and stayed in employment without a break up to the present downturn. While I joined the many workers who were made redundant over the past year or so, I did not feel pessimistic, since I thought I could go back to working in temporary jobs. As in the eighties I signed up with various jobs agencies. But this time, the phone never rang. I was unable to get even the type of casual employment that I did before 1988. And as for finding a permanent position, I reckon I have more chance of being selected to play for England in the 2014 World Cup.

It was not before I learned about online jobs and was offered the opportunity to work from home as a self-employed consultant, that I could break free from long-term joblessness. Subject to a modest fee for a training course, I could set up my own Internet business offering help to companies on improving their search engine placement. Remuneration is based on results, verifiable confirmation that a website appears on page one of a Google search. However with the proper ethical approach, this is possible over a reasonable time.

The advantage of running an Internet business is that you are free to choose your own working hours, and your own way of working. It is a fascinating and rewarding field of business, and definitely better than adding up components in a factory or typing figures into a computer from Monday to Friday, as I did before 1988. Once I had the opportunity to work from home in the search engine field, I never regretted it. It’s unlikely I’d want to go back to my former permanent job, if they offered it to me. And when it comes to my memories of the 1980s, in truth it was never all gloomy: the fantastic music of that time will live forever, for me.

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