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May 24th, 2009

Psychology graduate course: A Great Career Leap

The nature of Psychology is broad and diverse. It has a number of various subject matters that comprise philosophy, science and statistics and a variety of disciplines and subfields. best psychology graduate program or what discipline is better than the other.

In whatever psychology graduate attempt you take, be it in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, school psychology and the similar to, it pays to know that you take a huge step in furthering not only yourself but your career as well.

The Choice of Graduate Program

There is no such thing as the best psychology graduate program. Each program is unique and the choice of program depends on the individual’s interests, personality, and career path.

In making a choice , firstly, one must concentrate on a particular discipline that really catch your attention and ask yourself some questions that will facilitate your decision-making. Make a research about the different psychology subfields like clinical psychology, educational psychology, sports psychology, cognitive psychology or behavioral psychology and compare .

Secondly, seek the advice of professionals like your academic counselor regarding your preparation of taking graduate studies and the possible career opportunities

Thirdly, consider the school where you intended to follow your graduate studies. You can visit their campuses, if it possible or browse their websites and make some points of comparison. You may also take note whether the school is accredited or not.

Finding the Professional Schools of Psychology

Attending a graduate degree in psychology entails a difficult decision, much more choosing the right professional psychology school. The following are several factors contributory to the choice of a professional school of psychology:

• The reputation and accreditation of the school must be given a severe consideration. The school must be accredited to be certain that the courses meet the required standards and the faculties could deliver adequate training and education.

• The degree programs/curricula offered by the school must motivate not only fresh baccalaureate graduates but also mature learners who wished to study more and improve their own conceptual perspective. Likewise, the course offered must also cater to learners with various priorities.

• Student admission must be based on competency and qualifications. Students must comply with all the requirements prior admission to the school and certain guidelines regarding school decorum must be implemented.

• Competent faculties are the backbone of well trained and successful students. As such, the employment of faculties must be based on their qualifications, their experiences in the area of their expertise and their theoretical as well as practical backgrounds

• The Campus (for traditional students) must encourage an interactive environment and conducive to learning and the school facilities and equipment must be up-to-date and well maintained

• The affordability of tuition fees, provision of different tuition fee and other fees payment options and the scholarship programs the school offers

Partial List of Psychology graduation schools

The following are but a few of Psychology Graduate Schools offering Graduate Studies in Psychology, both on-campus or on-line Psychology Masters Degree and Doctorate Programs:

Stanford University
450 Serra Mall, Stanford California 94305
Tel No. 650-723-2300

University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign
202 Coble Hall, 801 South Wright Street
Champaign, Illinois 61820
Telephone No. 217-333-0035

University of California, Los Angeles
Los Angeles 90095
Telephone No. 310-825-4321

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