PMP Designation – Top 5 Reasons to Get It

July 12th, 2009

The Project Management Professional (PMP) title from the Project Management Institute (PMI) is a worthwhile credential to add to your resume for several very important reasons.

1. In many ways, it is similar to having – or not having – a college degree: without the PMP, there are many opportunities that will be off-limits to you. If you can’t even get review your credentials, there is little chance that you’ll get the job.

2. The process of preparing for the PMP test enables you to assimilate, and organize, your experience in a concise and valuable way.

3. It provides you with a common terminology and perspective, as you change from one contract to another.

4. The PMP title gives you instant credibility when starting a new position, or dealing with a new client.

5. Having the PMP designation is a critical differentiator in this bad economy. There are a lot of unemployed people right now, so make sure that you have the credentials that employers will be desiring.

If you’re like me, and have years – even decades of experience as a Project Manager, you may be hesitant to spend the time and effort to get yet another designation; however, take it from someone who felt the same way, the PMP will be worth your while.

Having the PMP designation will enhance your career path; however, in this economy, even the PMP won’t assure you steady employment; therefore, it’s wise to have a backup plan as well.

In these challenging economic times, having multiple streams of income is important for everyone – but especially for those of us who earn a living by doing project work.

I’ve chosen to start an internet business that gives me residual income, so that I have money coming in, even when I’m not currently working on a project. If you’d like to have a second income source as well, click residual income opportunities.

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