Performance Appraisal: The Basics

July 11th, 2010

After you successfully passed your job interview, you should be ready for performance appraisal. You need to spend some time for your performance appraisal preparation process. Your personal performance review will be an important record in your personal file. It will show how you evaluate yourself and how your managers’ evaluate you. It shows whether you’ve reached the specified business strivings and goals for the period before the review.

What is performance appraisal form? A number of companies provide a performance appraisal form or a pattern as a tool to assist the performance review conversations. The main parts usually include the specified goals and your accomplishment of plans and objectives. It reflects the results that were achieved. You need time to think over and remember what you would like to include in the performance response form. Especially if you have accomplished numerous projects for the previous year, you need time to count them and write about these projects and a number of your successful projects.

Respond to your documents or email archives and always try to remember everything that may help. You should point your main achievements, according to every project or business objective. Point out all the successful results and expose all the major contests that you used to overcome. When you begin to write your performance appraisal, you need to use expressions and phrases that provide highly positive features. They can include such words as “Successful”. For instance: “Successfully accomplished…”, “Successfully done…”, “Successfully implemented…”, “Implemented an efficient work process…”, “Created strong relationships with…”

What is performance appraisal interview? Comparatively to your performance review form that provides details of all your projects’ accomplishments and successful achievements, you don’t need to tell about all the items during the performance appraisal interview. In this case you need only prepare a couple of specific and most interesting examples to express your fulfillments and projects that match to your business purposes. Be sure you are able to improve the areas were you succeeded to execute the specific projects once again.

Listen attentively to any answer of your manager. Point out any criticisms. Search for explanations and ask questions just in case you don’t agree with the response. Don’t argue. Do not justify, excuse or blame on others.

Be ready to discuss areas you are able to improve. Very important thing is to accept the opportunity to take part in specific coaching and training programs. It will help you to enhance your job effectiveness. You performance during the appraisal interview reflect your competence and professionalism. It is like a job interview. The main difference is you’re already have the job and your objective is to make your boss convinced you’re the best to execute this job and you deserve the promotion you have been waiting for a long time.

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