Out Of Work? Looking For A New Job? Not A Geek? Is There Something Out There For You?

June 23rd, 2010

Many people are currently out of work through no fault of their own as a result of Gordon Brown’s economic miracle. The dust hasn’t finished settling after the falling of banks that collapsed like the twin towers and so more positions are being lost as businesses continue to struggle because they have difficulty getting credit to carry on trading. The government reckons that despite the official total jobseekers claiming benefit at 2.5 million, there are in all 8 million people at the moment ‘economically inactive’ for whatever reason. For those who have either never or not been out of work for a long time, many are discovering that the job market is a strange and changed place where skills and experience are not the assets that they imagined they would be. In many cases, the looking for no longer pays enough, has little long term prospects or the industry is just not taking on new people.Others are looking at the situation as a possibility to make a fresh start, try something new, perhaps set up their own business.

For anyone described above who may be looking for the choice to Work From Home, for those who would like to start a business but aren’t too sure what they can do or just want be their own boss, there is a chance for them to start an Internet Business doing Online Jobs, even if they themselves have no technical ability. What they do need to have is a creative talent (and everyone does if they would but use it), good skills in written English (if you can speak it, you should be able to write it and the ability can be learned or improved if they haven’t been used for some time). They also need a computer and a broadband connection. So what is it?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a way of helping businesses to get their websites as high up the results pages of the likes of Google and Yahoo when users are looking for particular information on the internet. The way it works is that certain words or phrases (keywords) are agreed with the client company that describe their business, industry or products and which will feature strongly with people searching for them on their preferred search engines. Once agreed, the website is examinedincorporated into the company site and some other After that, the next and longer term step of SEO is to set about ‘PR’ work for the site by writing articles, blogs and press releases for posting across the web which link back to the client’s pages and which the search engines will pick up as they trawl the sites looking for new pages.

When the client keyword is shown on the first results page, the production of articles being created in support can be scaled back, as long as the search engine crawlers can find a constant supply suggesting that the page being referred to continue in the top page. Of course if it does fall off due to competition or another reason, then some more will be endeavour and not many will have heard of it as a career, and since no technical knowledge is required, the chance is open to anyone who cares to have a go.

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