Options Accessible For People Who Are Looking at Becoming A Veterinary Surgeon, And How You Can Enter This Taxing But Worthwhile Role.

June 28th, 2010

For people with an interest in animals, being a vet can be one of the most satisfying Careers you can take on. You’ll be looking after the welfare of all sorts of animals, providing lifesaving treatment and helping animals get better. If you have been hunting for new Career ideas and have thought about what it takes to become a vet, then here is some information for you.

New careers are generally an overwhelming thing to be undertaking, and the training needed to become a vet can also at first seem quite overwhelming. In order to become a vet, you need to first carry out a 5 year degree course in Veterinary Science. If you undertake this course at Cambridge University, it lasts a tad longer, running for 6 years. Ent-ry onto these degree courses is usually very competitive, asking for 3 A-levels graded AAB minimum. One of these A-levels has to be chemistry, and ideally Biology as well. In order to supplement your application and acquire for yourself a better chance at getting a place on a course, you ought to gain as much work experience as possible. Universities like to see applicants that have put effort into acquiring as much experience as feasibly possible. Once you have completed the degree course, you must then register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons before you are allowed to practice in the United Kingdom.

Once you are a fully certified and qualified vet, you could still be wondering what best to do with your knowledge. Career ideas for vets include starting out in a community practice, dealing with domestic pets and animals. The majority will start out working in an established surgery to acquire more experience, and then move onto setting up their own practice. You may want to become a veterinary surgeon that specialises in looking after farm animals, or even work in a zoo looking after the animals in captivity. You can even travel the world and go to other countries to get work looking after animals. As you can see, once you have become a fully certified veterinary surgeon, there are still several different Careers existing for you to select from.

As a newly qualified vet, you can expect to take home a wage of around

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