New Era Career Update?

February 7th, 2009

The big question these days is to whether to get a degree to move ahead with jobs and careers, or whether a degree will cost you out of a job with higher wage expectations. Take a look at the pros and cons for considering a degree before you leap.

First, some degrees can be obtained online by taking classes on the internet. This is perfect since you can still keep your current position while studying online saving you big money.

Before you leap into a course online make certain it is an accredited program, otherwise your degree may mean nothing on a resume. Make certain that your profession also recognizes an online degree accredited program. Some professions still require you to attend a classroom or receive “hands-on” experience to be hired and obtain a title with a degree.

One of the biggest reasons for looking at a degree is to increase your salary. Look at other employees who have a degree and see if they are making more money. Some professions don’t increase in salary even if you do hold a degree. Other professions due to tight budgets consider a degree too hard on their budgets. This is important to know if you are looking at a degree for a salary increase.

A degree from an accredited program is an excellent way to go but weigh out the pros and cons before you leap because your time is valuable.

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