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March 13th, 2009

Even if you haven’t been directly affected by the economic slowdown I bet you know someone who has. Hard times have befallen people for lots of reasons from losing jobs to having their mortgage foreclosed. I know I personally lost my job at an football collectibles store a couple of weeks ago. It was disappointing, and I struggled to get the will to go find a new job, but then I was reminded about how many people are worse off. Since I had my revelation I spent a lot of time seeking a new job that would work for me. The other day I figured I’d consult the Internet and searched “find new jobs” into google. To tell you the truth I didn’t figure a lot of results would come up, but I suppose with so many people looking there should be people trying to meet their demands.

The first job I was considering doing was one helping to install floating floors, mostly because it paid $20/hour. I looked at the job requirements and sadly it was a bit more then I could do. They wanted someone with past experience installing floors and I definitely don’t have that. To be truthful I get tired mowing my lawn. I wasn’t disheartened and kept looking for more jobs on the net.

After that disappointment I thought the smarter plan would be to look for jobs I have done before. I began my search by narrowing it down to only jobs in middle level management or I figured I might even take an administrative assistant job. To my delight there were a lot of that type of job being posted on the net. When I first started that search I thought that jobs would be in high demand and thus there would be few of them available. I did some investigation into the jobs and they were paying a little less than I had hoped (around $13/hours for most) but hey, work is work.

I sent out applications to around 15 of the places I found on the internet and waited to hear back from them. Just around 2 weeks later (when I was starting to worry that no one was going to call) I heard back from 2 of the places in the same day. I was pumped. I scheduled interviews and prepared myself to go in and come off as a good employee. The first interview didn’t go so well. I’d attribute that to mostly nerves, coupled with the fact that I hadn’t done a job interview in so long. The second interview went a lot better and I was hopefully that I would be successful. Yesterday I heard back from the place and I got the job! I was so glad that it worked out. In a week or so I start at my new job and I am so excited.

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