Methods For Aiding In Your New Career Hunt

October 13th, 2010

Getting new Careers isn’t a simple task. Countless individuals each year want to change their Career Choices. The issue is, they were stuck in a job they didn’t actually enjoy, and in many cases, they’ll move into a job feeling no different. The reason is, that a lot of people don’t truly know what they want to be doing for a career. A lot of people just don’t know because they’ve never found something that attracts them, others perhaps have grown up with a general idea in their head, but as time goes on, may have understood they weren’t matched to this. We’re going to come up with some actions you can use to try locating the perfect Career Choices for you, without a doubt finding New Careers isn’t a simple task and you’ll need all the help you can get.

The initial thing you should consider doing is listing all of the skills, qualifications and merits you have. Anything at all that could be beneficial, note it down. The idea behind this is then to think of Careers and plot a mind map or write a list of the potential jobs these skills can be utilised in. It doesn’t matter if you’re not that interested in the Careers thought up just yet, we are just making a list to give us an idea of what you can and can’t do. Remember to try and associate skills together if they apply to more than one job, for instance a computer programmer can benefit from both maths and ICT qualifications. The more connections you can make, the better your probability of success in that particular field of work.

The second step we want to go ahead with, is to create a list of Career Choices that you know you definitely don’t want to consider. Some choices are basically out of the question for many people, an example for myself would be that I would never even think about working for an outbound call centre, I think I’d more willingly lose my house and live with my parents again than put up with that. This list might seem pointless at first, but the idea is, once complete, we then highlight any links from the first map that don’t fall into this group. This is useful to establish what skills are more valuable to us and helps slim down the possible New Careers to select from.

Ok, so now we have thinned down your valuable skills and would-be New Careers for you to choose from. Take a thorough look over this list, can you see something that interests you? It could be there is something that you are hesitant of, that’s ok. What we can do now, is look at the list, pick the areas of work that perhaps interest you and research them further. Try to expand the list, for example, you may have nursing highlighted on the list, but are maybe unsure of it. There are various different roles within nursing, so try to enquire into the different variations of the career, you may find something more to your liking, an additional example still using nursing, perhaps you enjoy the aspects of nursing but don’t wish to work in a hospital. In that scenario district nursing would be an ideal choice. Just keep at your search, there will certainly be something for you within your present abilities.

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