Making A Career Out Of Your Position When Stuck In A Call Centre

August 22nd, 2010

Tens of thousands of people all over the country are caught in jobs working in a call centre. A good number of these individuals never wanted to take on these jobs as their main Career Choices. Unfortunately numbers of them end up stuck here and don’t like the work at all. Call centres are known for being one of the worst, stressful jobs to choose from, the constant calls and the absurdly high targets, coupled with bare minimum salaries make these quite unappealing as Career Choices. But what if you’re one of the individuals caught in these roles? What can you do about it? We all understand finding New Careers is difficult and having call centre work on your CV isn’t much of an advantage. So why not make the most of your current position? There’s actually a startling amount of Careers to take on within the call centres, so let’s take a look at how you can improve things.

As stated earlier, not a lot of the people in a call centre ever wanted to stay there long term and because of this, they avoid looking at what’s available by developing these roles. The first steps you can make in these Careers would be to a supervisor role, or in the setting of a technical help call centre, they are commonly referred to as Product Specialists. Generally these jobs involve helping others with their calls and assisting the managers with a number of tasks. Progressing to these roles is actually rather easy, if you’re achieving your targets and are sometimes praised for your work, just talk to your manager and express an interest in this, you can often be put onto a learning trial and if successful, be given a full time position.

After you become a product specialist, you can then consider developing further. Depending on the call centre, there could be several options accessible for developing these Careers. A number of call centres provide the opportunity to go back onto the phones, but on a “second tier” help, who are usually an escalation line for the main advisers. A further possibility is to basically develop that supervisor role into a manager position, so that you can manage your own team and make sure the advisers are reaching targets. Managers or Team Leaders can have quite a lot of work to do, ensuring the team is up to benchmarks, typing reports on the call stats and handling coaching and mentoring.

There are other options that you can pick from if you wish to carry on progressing these Careers. If managerial roles don’t suit you, then perhaps think about moving into a training role. Commonly call centres have trainers to coach new staff and notify existing employees on updates and changes. Normally to obtain a trainers role you need to excel at your work, typically progressing from a product specialist. Alternatively, if you like the duties of managerial positions, you can try to move onto operations manager position after successfully showing you are capable and have handled a team for some time. You could be receiving pretty decent wages by this step and the New Careers don’t stop there. So if you’re stuck in a call centre job try to make the most of it!

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