Make Your Gap Year Productive With Teaching Jobs Abroad

August 25th, 2009

Have you decided to take a break from normal life and do something different? Be it before heading off to university, taking a break from work, or enjoying your retirement, a gap year can be a great way to meet new people and discover new cultures. People tend to go two ways on a gap year, choosing from a relaxing extended holiday or using the time to do something practical. You have the chance to visit places you have dreamed about and do extreme activities in exotic climates.

If you choose to explore Europe, you get sun and sandy beaches as well as culture and different civilisations. There is still a lot of un-trodden paths in Europe that British travellers are yet to discover. Italy presents visitors with a world of glamour and celebrity as well as beautiful art, architecture and nature. Travelling eastwards you are met with the huge expanse that is Russia. Whilst a lot of the continent is still plagued by poverty, there are pockets of wealth and splendour that have lasted since the time of the tsars. For anyone who like history, architecture and Vodka, Moscow and St Petersburg are the cities for you. Getting away from the classic British holiday destinations into somewhere a little less well travelled is what a gap year is all about.

Some people are looking to enhance their CV during a year abroad or want to learn new skills. Volunteering in developing countries has gained popularity over the years and more people are now choosing teaching jobs abroad to occupy their time. A skill that employees are coming to value is teaching English as a foreign language, something you can do in a gap year. It is not only for the young though, Teflworld have estimated that 35 year olds and above make up the majority of English teachers abroad, so it is ideal for those experiencing a career break.

make sure that you experience new things on your year abroad. Sitting on your sofa for eleven months out of twelve with a couple of weeks in Magaluf doesn’t count as a gap year. Whatever you do, make sure you make some memories that you can treasure forever.

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