Make the Most of Your Museum Visit: Brooklyn Museum Of Art

September 7th, 2009

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is a five story museum with an extensive collection of art ranging from ancient times to the modern era. Host to many traveling exhibitions, as well a a long list of permanent displays, the museum has something for every visitor, regardless of the numbers of times the museum has been visited before. With each traveling exhibit only remaining in the museum for a limited amount of time, it is important that you check back frequently to make sure you don’t miss a new exhibit at the museum.

As the Brooklyn Museum of Art possesses such a broad collection of pieces, it is nearly impossible to see the entire museum completely in one day. If you are strapped on time, or you do not wish to miss any of the pieces, you may want to consider planning your trip to the museum in advance. Pick the exhibitions you want to see the most, find out which floor they are on, and target those first. If you have time, then you can cycle through the rest of the museum. As every person goes through a museum at a different pace, you may wish to go on your own and not with a large group your first time to the Brooklyn Museum of Art. However, if you are not familiar with many of the pieces of art hosted at the museum, you may want to join a tour being led by one of the museums Docents. These volunteers can explain the relevance and history behind each of the pieces in the Brooklyn Museum of Art.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art is closed on major holidays, as well as on Monday and Tuesday. All of the galleries are cleared of visitors fifteen minutes prior to closing, so keep this in mind when you plan your trip.

As many of the pieces of artwork are sensitive to light, please refrain from performing flash photography when you are at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. The flashes on camera can do irreparable harm to the priceless works in the gallery.

The Brooklyn Museum of Art exists on the donations of its patrons, as well as on the volunteer efforts of Docents and other support staff. If you wish to help the Brooklyn Museum of Art continue its fine heritage of giving the gift of art to the public, please contribute either your time or your money to the museum.

Peter S. Museer

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