Looking For Self-Employment As Opposed To Looking For An Occupation With A Company In The Recent Global Market

December 26th, 2009

The current economic predicament has made over four million United Kingdom people unemployed, even if the government will reveal less they don’t really count the people recently on schemes or on a ‘new deal’ program. This has made a lot of the working public fearful for their job security and re-evaluating what they would do if becoming unemployed. Jobs are becoming difficult to get with the average number of people going for each job is 14:1. Numerous employers are using agencies as a quick fix for employment to save on the cost of advertising and the time exhausted interviewing prospective employees. This has produced a circle of people working for 3-4 months then becoming unemployed again, as employers have a unexpected burst of action when they need the staff and then letting the agency workers go as work calms down.

So this dilemma that employed and unemployed people are in at the moment may lead to more people thinking about the self-employed opportunity. The first question you need to ask yourself is, can I run my own business? This may sound simple but many of us have been working for employers that long that we have got used to the safety of that pay cheque at the end of the month and the specific hours you have to work. Self-Employment is entirely different, nothing is guaranteed, and there are no set hours. Whilst your friends might be on the golf course or going away on holiday, you will be goal setting and discovering new clients to help your business develop. This is not attractive to many people but the rewards for a winning business far out-way working for someone else. The attractiveness of selecting your own hours, making your decisions and you living and dieing by those decisions are a challenge and pleasing.

There are many options in starting a business, most will start a business that they are already well-known with or have worked under in the past, others might want a fresh start or see a gap in the market. From familiarity a Franchise may be worth taking a look at, the selection of Franchise For Sale is ever growing and the selection of Franchise Opportunity is mixed, so whatever business you are looking at there will be a Franchise for you. You must have at least the basic knowledge on the Franchise business you are arranging on getting into. If you don’t then the first stage, such as training and getting to grips with the ideas of the business may take a long time. Ask the Franchise if guidance is provided, in most cases it will be, but it is always good to have a head start and know the general fundamentals of the Franchise For Sale.

Do you have the money to buy a Franchise? Most franchises offer a selection of payment choices from most commonly; a discounted up-front expense to a small initial investment and payments over a certain amount of time. The Franchise will also take a percentage of your overall earnings to make the Franchise viable for them. You will have to work out your rate of investment over the short term and then decide if the Franchise Opportunity is a viable one for you.

If the maths work out and you have the basic knowledge to take the Franchise on, then it may be worth thinking about, the Franchise will generate a recurring client base and gain you more freedom in your working life.

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