Life as a Soundman

April 9th, 2010

Soundmen of one kind or another could operate in motion pictures, theatre and in live music. Basically, life as a soundman is practically identical even when they are working in various spot of the profession. The caliber of any recorded, played or broadcasted sound could be the liability of soundmen.

This could imply everything from miking up a music group and getting their sound levels arranged in a rock venue to recording audio and dialog for a motion picture or film shoot.

Soundmen generally operate in rock clubs and also other live music settings. And whenever these bands perform, a very good live audio is essential and that is when a soundman shows up in the picture. Essentially what this means is turning up early and directing the group of musicians via what is generally known as a sound check.

During a sound check the soundman mics up the bands instruments, ensures they are able to hear themselves over the monitors along with tunes the sound so the voices and also instruments are usually in concert with each other. Throughout the real live concert soundmen typically remain at the mixing board to trouble shoot and help make just about any necessary adjustments.

However in the theatre field, life as a soundman takes a different approach. Just like in live music, the audio that any people listens to is the duty of a soundman. What this amounts to in the commercial theater is putting microphones within the stage and altering levels so that the microphones pick up and send out the performing artists voices out over the audio system with out some kind of feedback or distortion.

In theatre, as in live music, the soundman will most likely remain at the soundboard during the period of the actual performance to troubleshoot and keep up a fantastic level of audio.

In TV and movie soundmen are accountable for recording the entire audio of a film or TV show. While moviemaking is a multi-faceted process that often calls for sound clips let alone a musical soundtrack, the soundman accounts for recording what basically comes from the actor’s mouths on camera, as well as the sound of the activity taking place in the picture.

Frequently in motion pictures, audio usually are recorded and dubbed in. Occasionally, actors is likely to overdo in recording their own voices whenever executed at a later date. Nevertheless it is the soundman’s duty to get the cleanest sound possible on exactly the same day the picture is filmed.

Soundmen also work at seminars, hotels, comedy clubs, weddings, celebrations and basically any kind of celebration that involves a microphone and a system for amplifying, broadcasting or recording.

Current on almost all panel of both live and recorded media, life as a soundman is a many-sided occupation for employment.

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