Letters Of Recommendation: Why Recommendation Letters Can Give You An Advantage During The Screening Process

January 17th, 2009

Candidates spend a great deal of time on their resumes. They should; resumes are very important. But although they are important, resumes are not the most important of all. Why is that?

Imagine yourself as the HR of a company and you’re the one in charge of screening candidates for an open position your company’s offering. Normally, you would be looking at hundreds of resumes.

You’ll probably be looking at piles of resumes, trying to decide who should get one of fifteen openings. The first thing you have to do is narrow them down.

The vast majority of people who are in the pile will only submit a resume and a cover sheet. And most cover letters don’t really say much at all. You’ll throw these out immediately.

Maybe you’ll only want resumes that are one page in length. You’ll throw away those that have 2 or more pages. Most probably, you’ll also throw away those that are distracting to the eyes, like large fonts, unorganized formats, and inappropriate colors. After this, that’s the time you’ll actually start reading the resumes.

Do you see what’s happened here? You’ve trimmed down the bunch significantly. The remaining candidates are those that have resumes that are all pretty much the same.

At this point, even though you’ve luckily made it this far, your resume still has to compete with quite a few more resumes. It would be wonderful if your resume stands out enough to get picked but not too much that it gets tossed out.

That’s where letters or recommendation come in; they give you a big advantage: they’ll get you noticed without getting you thrown out!

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