Letters Of Recommendation: Understanding Why Other Job Applicants Are More Knowledgeable With Regards To Getting The Right Recommendation Letters

January 16th, 2009

Trying to penetrate the jobs market is not an easy task. People are looking for work more often than ever before. And some people who are doing it often enough, now know tips and techniques to be effective in their job search.

Before, it’s not unusual for people to work for only one company until they retire, but not anymore. Now, most people have developed an average of four completely different careers in their lifetime!

It’s a jungle everywhere!

Throughout your life, you can expect that you will be out there too – over and over again – fighting for your place in the world. Just because you know you’re a good candidate for the job, doesn’t mean it’s enough; for candidates to be successful, they must get noticed before they can ever hope to get offers.

That’s why letters of recommendation are more important now in the job search process than ever before – often more important than your resume. In the hiring process, people are looking at resumes all the times and after a while, resume after resume – the whole pile starts to become a blur.

It’s not the same thing with letters of recommendation. Objective letters from professionals you’ve worked with are a more effective means of communicating to a potential employer about your strengths and weaknesses and what you can offer… just be sure to get the right letters.

Getting good recommendation letters isn’t easy – even when you deserve them! Doing a letter of recommendation can take some time, so one excuse could be that they’re too busy. After all, to write a good letter with an impact, a person will have to spend some time learning about the position you are applying for and the organization that is offering it.

One other reason why people refuse to write reference letters is the fact that they’re not really good writers in the first place. In fact, they fear that a letter they write will be so bad that it will make them look unprofessional, and you and the person receiving your letter will lose respect for them and the organizations they represent.

Of course, they won’t tell you that; you just won’t ever get your letter.

Is there some kind of secret to this?

Some people, though, are able to secure the kinds of letters that land jobs the rest can only dream of. How are they able to do it? Are they better or smarter than everyone else?

In the vast majority of cases, it all boils down to this: They’re not better or smarter; they just know the secret.

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