Letters Of Recommendation: How Your Recommendation Letter Affects The Credibility Of The Person Recommending You

February 4th, 2009

When someone offers to do something for you, part of you feels good that you are special enough that someone wants to help you in your time of need and relieved that you don’t have to do it yourself. But there is another part of you that asks, “Will this person screw this up?”

When it comes to recommendation letters, there’s no room for mistakes. A letter of recommendation is a personal opinion from one professional to another. A lot of things are at stake here – including the recommender’s integrity and professional image. If he signs off on a recommendation that endorses your being hired – for example – when he knows that you are a louse, then he is being dishonest, a partner in crime, if you will. So naturally, he needs to be sure that he approves of every word in the letter.

Also, if the letter you write is not well done, it won’t reflect particularly well on you as a candidate – but it will reflect much worse on your recommender as a professional.

But how do you know if your recommendation letter is good enough for the recommender to be comfortable with it – as well as you typically write or as well as he typically writes?

You can’t go wrong if you write the letter in a certain way that it reflects to your recommender the professional image of himself that he wants to see. It doesn’t matter that your recommender writes like he’s in fifth grade, he can very well see himself like he’s the CEO of a rich company. Your letter must be good enough to support this monumental self-image – however mythical.

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