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March 10th, 2010

Interviews, in the simplest meaning of it, are all about marketing your capabilities. Therefore, correct tools and strategies need to be employed in order to bring out the best results at any given interview. This is very easily said than done. That’s why spending ample time on effective job interview preparation is always advisable prior to an interview.

Firstly try to understand the job specification and job description. This is essential because you need to know what you need to focu on. Then it’s advisable to start your work by an assessment of skills, talents, specialties and impuissances you have. Take a moment and state down all credentials on a piece of paper. Then you can match each of these qualities with the requirements specified. By doing this, you will be able to have better understanding of what you should elaborate more during the interview and what qualities you should mention. Exercising for common and directed questions that may be elevated during the interview time is very important too. Understanding the requirement on part of the company largely helps in formulating answers and marketing yourself in the interview to match their criteria.

Doing a basic research about the job role and company is also very important as a part of job interview preparation. Especially good noesis of their recent actions in the business world, their strategies, and the market they are catering, CSR etc. is vital. This understanding will pay off during the interview time when you feel that you can relate your answers much closer to the requirement of the company.
The final prepare for job interview is actually preparing yourself for the interview presentation. You might think about your dress, and physical outlook. For most companies a corporate casual dress is the common choice. If you know something about the company culture it will help you determine what to wear. Dress should be clean, neat and most significantly decent. Checking and rechecking the documents you are carrying with you and knowing the location of the interview is vital during job interview preparation. These will help to avert any hasty in the closing minutes.

What needs to be highlighted the most during any interview is why you are special over other candidates. It’s you who should place yourself to a preferential place. During the interview all your other qualifications wouldn’t matter much because all the other candidates may have similar or closer qualifications. It’s the job interview preparation that will help you to find the leading edge by improving your presentation, outlook and confidence.

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