Information On What You Should Include In Your C.V .To Make It Attractive To Potential Employers.

June 29th, 2010

Composing your C.V. can be a tough task. There is a large amount of pressure to ensure you enter everything that you should include, without over doing it. If you have been looking at the Career choices available to you, it might be time to update your C.V. Changing Careers can be a very overwhelming experience. Most people won’t as they do not like to leave their comfort zones. If you are all set to move Careers though, then chances are your C.V. will be in need of some updating. Or, maybe you do not have a C.V. planned out yet, and you are just looking for information on what to include. Either way, these steps will let you make the most of your C.V., whatever your Career choices maybe.

Firstly, you will write down your personal details. This part should just include your name, address and contact details, i.e. mobile number, email address. If your current email address is something like, then it might be worth signing up for an additional email account, and keeping it simpler and more professional. It won’t do you any good to have employers put off just by reading your email address!

What part is next should depend on your own experience. If you have been with a company for quite a long time, or had quite a few jobs over the years, then list these first. If you have little work experience then consider listing your training and qualifications next. If you are recording jobs first, begin with your current job if you have one, and then work back chronologically. If you have any gaps between employment dates, try to fill them in as best you can, say if you were travelling, or caring for a relative.

When listing your training and qualifications, you need to again list your latest qualifications first. Make sure you add any work based training, as well as qualifications gained at school. Try to make sure you include the dates you achieved the qualifications, and where you achieved them. This can be important information to an employer.

Next you need to look at including any applicable interests and hobbies, and any information that the business could find useful. If you are contemplating New careers which are different to what you have worked in before, make sure you emphasise any skills which will be valuable in any New careers that you apply for. Transferable skills such as being able to drive or experience with some computer programmes can be deemed relevant information. Only incorporate any relevant hobbies and interests, i.e. if you’re applying for Careers that involve looking after animals, include this as an interest, and note down any experience you have looking after your own animals.

Finally, the last part of your C.V. should be devoted to references. Now you can either include these on the bottom of your C.V., or simply put ‘references available on request,’ on the bottom of your C.V. One referee should always be a past employer if possible. If you opted to place them on the C.V., include their connection to you, as well as their names and contact details. Try not to use family members. If you can, use someone who has known you a long time but is not directly related.

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