Informal Reflection and Russian Translation Attributes

August 26th, 2010

It is common for students or professionals, working for translation agencies in the USA, to question their decision to study English. Should the translation be into or out of English? Whenever this is true, it is a good argument. As an interpreter, when you speak or write, you present yourself to others. In addition, if you pay real attention for presenting you as professional, and who does not? Then you also care about how your use of language represents you. Certainly, not all jobs depend exclusively upon writing and speaking skills. On the other site, the high level of spoken and written English is a basic requirement for a person, working in a Russian to English Translation company. If you are a translation studies student at a local university, your professors have probably set a standard for written and spoken English.

Different type of learning experience can be found in this series of articles by people, studding Language or working as professional translators. Due to English Grammar For Translation you will be provided with the opportunity to understand and use better English. Plus you will experience the dissimilarity in the approach, which this type of articles use, in order to improve your English. The first and the second section of every publication in this series cover the basics of English grammar, divided in sections for speech, punctuation an capitalization norms. An employee of English to French Translation, who has a graduate degree in English and Bulgarian is responsible for this section. The next third section refers to the already trained skills, appending some audio proposals, that will make your sentences better and improve your writings. The fourth part covers important spelling and word usage skills.

These concepts are also backing the opportunity for you to find some common errors. Put differently, the grammatical instruction isn’t just introduced manually. Instead of that, these articles are going to distinguish the place, where errors are commonly done. Let us assume, that you are aware of pronouns, as a definition. This doesn’t mean that you are invulnerable to the most typical errors, that can be made with these function words. Look at the sentence below:

Incorrect: Me and James are employed by the same translation agency. It is obvious for you, that “me” is a pronoun. It can replace the name of someone, that why you resolve to make it part of the sentence’s subject. Do you know, why is it misplaced in this context? There are some instructions about this mistake in articles 2 and 3, where you will be guided by our Italian Translation workers. After that, at the end of every article, you will find written practice exercises that will upgrade the new grammatical points you have just learned. You are highly motivated to take every exercise in order to discover your strengths and weaknesses in your custom progress on the series. Through the Answer Key included you might be able to specify the weaknesses in your English.

Every article finishes with a test (ten questions) that covers the grammar in the section. We recommend to you to earn a score of eight points on a quiz in order to move on the following article. Every of the four sections finishes with a test of fifty multiple-answer questions, covering the content of it. If you didn’t achieved score of 75 percent on the tests, it is not good idea to proceed with the next part. The series concludes with a final exam with one hundred multiple-choice questions that test your knowledge of all the grammar and usage content of the book. If you maintain to get 75 percent on the final, you have done well.

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