If You Are Considering A Franchise Be Ready For The Sheer Hard Work And Stress Involved

November 19th, 2009

You could be forgiven for thinking initially that by buying a Franchise For Sale you are guaranteed of a good business model and will be able to reap the rewards of this concept with an amount of effort, yes, but surely not needing to exert yourself too much. After all you will have just invested a considerable sum in the purchase of the franchise and will be receiving training and help from the franchisor team.

Sadly the fantastic sales and turn over results does not typically come with only a little exertion. One of the main reasons why the franchisor organisation goes down the road of a Franchise Opportunity in the first place is that the individuals purchasing the franchises will invest much more effort when they have the vested interest provided by the model as opposed to simply managing the business. So the key is to plan for pressure, hard work, long hours and some stress in return for the rewards.

One of the tricky balances to get correct is the one between being an individual, in control of your own piece of the business, and being a franchisee who needs to ensure that he is conforming to all the rules set out in the Low Cost Franchiseagreement. Whether you concur with these or not they must be adhered to and it can sometimes feel testing when you feel that you have a better plan or system. The franchisor has built the model from a totally different angle to yours, needing to put together an easily copied system that can be taught to a range of people with a collection of different skills. So you will need to come to terms with this occasionally stressful situation.

You must anticipate long hours, particularly at the start of your Franchise Opportunity. Typically there is a lot of leg work to be done gathering contacts, getting the advertising out into the locality, setting up the processes, documentation and paperwork, and finally starting to bring the sales in. Until that point it will be more demanding than usual, although you have confidence in the system there is nothing like bringing your own initial sales in to reassure yourself that you can do this.

It is important that you do not take on a franchise for sale if you are in bad health. As you can see it is important that you are robust both physically, to cope with the long hours and the potential physical demands of the business and mentally to ensure that you get the balances correct and can deal with the stresses involved. A franchisor will be unhappy with a franchisee that is away from work for periods of time, particularly in the first stages as it means that the business will not be growing as fast as it should. The knock on effect of that is that neither you nor the franchisor will earn the expected amount of profit. It is perfectly possible for the franchisor to add in to the contract a termination clause and one reason for this may well be lack of performance due to illness. Obviously this will generally mean a loss of all or part of your investment and so is a very good reason to predict the pressures ahead and make sure you are certain that you can deal with them.

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