How To Interview for Job – The One Most Important Thing You Must Do to Get The Job

September 2nd, 2009

With so many individuals in the job market at the moment their is one thing you have to do to land the job and it has to be something that no one else has done and it has to place you apart everyone else. Do you know what that one thing is?

Everyone is performing from the same ‘How to interview’ manuals and they are all reciting the same answers to the same questions. What does all this do for an interviewee. Nothing at all. It just levels out the playing field for all involved and the person who got luckiest gets the job.

The question no longer is what are skilled interview questions to ask. This is a given and ought to be researched and prepared for and yes have your clothes cleaned, crisp fresh and ready to go. You also need those shoes shining and a fresh haircut and a splash of fragrance (I said a SPLASH) wont hurt either.

The new question is, with all applicants coming in like a herd of sheep fresh out of the cookie cutter ‘How to Interview for Job’ school or book, how do I place myself apart so that I can be the person who stays in the interviewers mind and get that “Your Hired” phone call.

I can tell you now it wont be the haircut, although it may be nice. It wont be the fragrance yet they may ask what fragrance you are wearing. It wont be the the designer suit or shoes although they may compliment your taste in style. So you ask what will it be?

It will be something they have never seen before. Something that paints a picture in their mind unlike some mundane answering of routine questions. It will be the person who paints that picture for them and shows them how they fit into that picture. You know a real outside the box thinker.

You ask how can I do this. I wont go into it here but you will certainly learn what this one thing is on my site.

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