How to Get Your Colleagues to Like You

May 30th, 2009

Especially if it’s your first day at work, it is important that you invest in a nice but understated Men’s briefcase. Although you may be wishing for instant promotion and the best projects possible, you have to pace yourself carefully so as not to offend other colleagues. There are many strategies to stay efficient and noticeable without hurting others’ efforts. Here are some of the tips that won me Mr. Congeniality in almost all office parties.

1. Want to learn. People in the office are always on the lookout for very flamboyant and overbearing individuals who act as if they know everything. One of the most effective ways to win friends and to seem like a willing learner in the workplace is to ask questions. Even if you already know the answer to some concerns, approach someone who intimidates you a lot and ask for his or her opinion and help. This will take the pressure and stress off the person. Be careful also about the questions, since people do not like stupid inquiries.

2. Paying compliments. Do not hesitate to give compliments to others at work. If someone does a good job on a project, give the person praises or even treat him out to dinner. You do not have to give the guy a new Rolling briefcase. Kind words and appreciation will be enough to set him in a good mood and tell other old folks in the office to get to like you too.

3. About the boss. Make sure you fulfill your boss’s expectations without looking like a complete suck up. You may be well-admired by your superior but totally despised by others for seeming so arrogant. You should know how to advance properly without stepping on others who may have been there longer than you.

One of the effective things I do is to ask my boss if I can ask another co-worker along to help with the project. It is recommended to pick the one who wants to be at the center of everything. You can take advantage by giving him the most hard tasks. Chances are, he might overdo or under-deliver or just take the big load off your shoulders. Either way, you get to look like a nice guy in the office and accomplish your boss’s requests.

4. On social obligations. It is important that you come to office parties as a sign of respect to your colleagues. Participate in games and activities. On some Friday nights, the entire office may set a dinner date, followed by a movie or a round of drinks at the nearby club. Go to these sometimes. If you really must miss the occasion, at least give them a call while they’re out or just be present for a few minutes before asking to leave early. You do not have to give gifts or Laptop briefcases just to please people in the workplace. Common sense and kind gestures and words are all you really need.

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