How To Get A New Job As Testing Games, And The Various Challenges You will Encounter In This Demanding But Fun Role.

October 7th, 2010

If you are looking for New careers, and you have a vetted interest in computer games, then getting a New career as a games tester might look like a dream come true. I would like to take some time to shed some light on this particular career, so if you have been considering different Careers recently, and would like a little more information on this particular career, then read on, and hopefully this will help you choose whether or not this is the best New career choice for you.

First off, we shall have a look at exactly what it is a games tester has to do in order to fulfil their job needs. Game developers are not just hunting for people to play the games to see if they are enjoyable to play or not, the chief role of a games tester to is play through levels, both finished and unfinished, and point out any bugs or mistakes which might have been missed by the programming team. They then must produce accurate reports, specifying where the fault is, how it transpired, and if there were any other contributing factors which may have created to the bug. At times games testing can be a bit boring, as you have to test for as many set-ups within a level as possible. For example, let’s say we have a big level where the main character or hero of the game must jog across the bridge. The games tester will be asked to test running over the bridge with all types of different items, and performing all types of different actions whilst crossing, to ensure no bugs occur as a result of this. So for example, the character might be able to jog across the bridge normally fine, but what happens if they run across with for instance, a weapon drawn, or while casting a spell? They might fall down to their death. This kind of flaw obviously cannot be there in the final version of a game, so they need to be checked exhaustively before release.

Most Careers within games testing will entail purely that, testing the games, and then making reports on what has been found. However, in some cases, especially when working for a smaller independent publisher, the games tester might have to be a more skilled individual, and take on a much bigger degree of responsibility. They might be required to actually play through the game, and then adjust the coding themselves, or fix the bugs themselves, rather than just producing a report to be sent off. This is usually truer of smaller publishers who simply do not have the finances available to pay people to do their games testing for them, so they have to get people who are capable of doing multiple jobs.

So if you are presently hunting for New careers, then these are some points to contemplate about games testing. It can be a very appealing job, as it means you have the chance to play games sometime before they are released to the general public. However, sometimes the job can be somewhat tedious, with levels that have to be played through multiple times in order to make sure they work perfectly.

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