Helping Single Mothers to College with Government Financial Assistance

August 27th, 2009

Do not let the rigors of being a single mother stop you from wanting to improve yourself by finishing your college degree. There are ways by which anyone who has the brains to finish college could do so even with the financial challenges of raising a family. There are college grants for single moms available if you need it.

There are government grants for single mothers that can help you pursue your dreams of getting a college degree if you are really committed to completing your education to improve your chances at being able to generate enough income to support your family. One of those tools is a grant for single moms. You simply have to visit your university’s financial aid office or go to government financial aid websites in order to find out more about these government grants for single mothers. These government grants for single mothers allow you to fund your college education with money that you do not ever have to pay back. Now, that’s a free ticket to the realization of your dreams! There are a few different types of grants for single moms to choose from.

Consider the Federal Pell Grant Program first. Other government grants for single mothers actually require an application for the Federal Pell Grant Program as a pre-requisite. This program provides financial aid for all those who are eligible under program guidelines. When you qualify for the Federal Pell Grant Program, you will receive financial aid money determined based on certain parameters including the availability of program funds and your financial need. Other government grants for single mothers could be applied for even if you have already been given a Federal Pell grant.

The approval decision on your application for additional grant money as well as the determination of the amount of addtional grant you will receive will depend on your actual financial need that has to be met to ensure your completion of college studies. The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG) and the Federal Work-Study (FWS) are two of the campus-based programs that you can apply for to get additional funding for your college education.

It only takes a simple filing of the Free Application for Financial Student Aid (FAFSA) form to start your application for the Federal Pell Grant Program as well as the other government grants that you might qualify for. The FAFSA form can be downloaded from the Internet or you can make a request for a FAFSA paper copy to be mailed to you. If you are using a paper FAFSA form, you have to mail in the form along with the required documents for processing. The time that it takes to process FAFSA applications could take long.

The earlier you file your FAFSA application, the better. You need to register for a personal identification number (PIN) with the US Department of Education in order to process your FAFSA application. This PIN will be used every year when you apply for succeeding government grants for single mothers. Make sure that you are guided accordingly as far as your university’s deadlines for filing your FAFSA for both the Federal Pell Grant Program and campus-based government grants for single mothers.

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