Helpful Tips To Speak French

February 7th, 2009

The method of learning a new language is similar to that of learning the first. But there are some differences that you should note while learning French. When you learn French you will have interference with your first language. This interference will be more if you first language is English.

Your mind will have the tendency to fall back to your first language. You will have to fight hard to avoid this tendency. To speak fluently in French you have to think in French. You have to read and listen more French to avoid the interference. The best method to think in French is to get more exposed to French resources.

Helpful Tips

1. Try to enroll in French classes. There are several ways that classes are held—in language schools or French classes in local communities, colleges or education centers.

2. There are now French lessons that are held online. Online lessons begin with the French basics such as vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and lessons on verb. The online learner has the option to go through the outline of lessons or to study according to topics. Online lessons also point at the major differences of the French and English languages.

3. It would be helpful for someone learning French to purchase audio cassette tapes or CDs that teach French. This would give the learner an opportunity to learn French even in idle moments such as waiting in line or being stuck in traffic. Constantly listening to such tapes would make the learner accustomed to how French words are pronounced and how they can be used in everyday conversations.

Listening to French radio and watching television shows in French might be difficult at first but the learner would soon pick up the rhythms of the language. French people are also fond of making films so it would be an added learning experience if the learner could watch any of these films and take note of the French people’s cultures and traditions.

Sometimes, understanding the general culture of French people would make the learner understand the etymology of their language. French movies with English subtitles would also be beneficial as the learner can read the meaning in English while hearing its French counterpart. This will give the learner an experience of decoding French into English.

Listening and reading the French language will help you to attain all other skills. Those who are interested in music can enjoy some French music. Concentrate on the words and its pronunciation while listening to the music. You can contact you French email friends to get a list of good songs.

Watching French TV shows and movies will also help you to learn faster. Unfortunately you may not get good French movies in the video stores. French TV may not be available in your town. But you can watch French TV shows and movies in computers using internet. If you can check out rocket french reviews, it will help you in solving your problem of learning french language.

You don’t have to go for French videos or CD’s. Just search internet to find some shows that makes you interested.

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