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September 23rd, 2009

Throughout our working life we all try and advance our careers. It is natural to feel that a promotion to a more senior level is a reward for all previous hard work. Some people can be overlooked by their current employer and this forces them to search for a better position elsewhere. Searching for a senior job vacancy with an alternative employer is a common way for people to fulfil their ambitions.Searching online is a popular way of finding your next senior job, using sites such as They have all the information you need to find careers like Marks and Spencer job vacancies.

Securing a promotion can never be just down to luck. There are other factors which require consideration.

Remember the following tips and you should be successful in climbing the career ladder:

1. Physical Appearance

Looks can definitely kill a person’s chances on landing his or her executive job if the applicant had missed one great factor: appearance.

First impressions last a long time, so always dress smartly.

You should dress in a manner that is suitable for the vacancy you are applying for. If you are required to wear smart clothes for work then dress smartly for the interview.

2. Show confidence.

You will only secure a senior job vacancy if you have gained prior experience and knowledge which the role would require. You should therefore be confident about your previous experiences and how you could apply them to the new role. This then demonstrates to the employer that you could tackle the challenges in front of you should you secure the vacancy.

Don’t present yourself as someone who can do everything, but focus on the skills the employer is searching for.
Six out of every ten applicants hired are chosen because of their previous work history. Skills gained with other organisations and any previous career progression are the main reasons an employer will hire a candidate. There may be many suitable senior positions out there, but securing one of them is not always easy and can take time.

Look and act the part and you may just secure that vacancy!

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