Has Your Occupation Or Industry Sector, Or Even Died Out? Perhaps You Could Make Use Of The Experience You Have Built Up Over The Years To Work In A New And Growing Area Of The Internet Industry.

July 5th, 2010

Over the last few decades, there has been a definite demographic change in careers in the UK. The UK labour force has moved from supplying goods like coal, steel, heavy manufacturing and even electronics to supplying services. This development is intensifying, as we contract out our manufacturing to developing countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. People who have matured both professionally and personally in those decaying industries, have been let go or compelled to start again in unknown and often dull industry sectors. We are seeing the full breadth of the labour force in this situation. Clerks and shop floor operators, engineers and buyers, managers and business directors are challenged with crucial decisions on retraining, relocation and crucial life style alterations.

For many people, it can act as a catalyst to re-invent themselves. Business, management and marketing skills gathered and polished over the years can be moved to other industries. The skills and the knowledge obtained in periods of political, economic and technological change can be assets in many of the new industries. One such industry sector which is gaining from these comprehensive and varied skills is the Internet Business sector. Regularly regarded as the preserve of geeky youths, this industry is growing rapidly. In the UK alone, the average weekly internet retail sales in April 2010 were

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