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March 19th, 2009

As with any other type of writing jobs, you’ll need to accumulate a few clips geared specifically to that market, so that when you query a specific client, you’ll have a few published pieces to show which show your skills, knowledge and style. If you’re a writer and enjoy travel, jobs can be a lucrative sideline. While it may take a while to start yourself in this market, once you do, you can make travel writing jobs into a full time occupation. It’s best to start small, as you’re unlikely to get published in National Geographic right off the bat! To begin with, there’s no need to travel far from home to start putting jointly your portfolio. Here’s a good strategy to establishing yourself in the travel writing niche. Brief Introduction on Writing careers.

Check online, in your phone book or with your local Chamber of Commerce to ferret out some of the local and regional travel publications. When you’re brainstorming thoughts for articles, think outside the box.

career guide.

For example, a piece on a make-your-own-teddy-bear shop in Ghirardelli Square’s complex allows you to interview the shop owner, explain the process of making the teddy bear and snap several photos, creating an in-depth look at this shop for both native San Franciscans and travelers visiting the city. While a complete traveler’s guide to San Francisco may be a good topic, when you’re trying to break into the travel writing job market, a narrower center requires less time and research and may better your chances at being published. The topic clearly has wide appeal among readers of diverse age groups.

This article also opens up a selection of publications which might want to publish the piece. Photos serve to improve the article, making it come alive to a greater degree. Pictures of the shop owner, customers browsing the shelves and the quaint, nostalgic flavor absolutely help sell the article. Your local newspaper may need to include it in their Sunday travel section. A crafter’s magazine might find it attractive to their readership. As for photos, editors love photos, and you don’t have to be Ansel Adams to fill their necessities . While the text should clearly be descriptive, these types of photos allow you to focus on the minute details. Providing photos can also raise the bar significantly when it comes to pay. It’s a successful combination.

Every airline has an ‘in-flight’ magazine. Target a small airline to start . The topic you choose for a specific airline must concern an area which that airline covers. Again, try to select a topic with numerous markets. For example, an article on B & Bs in the Pacific Northwest may find a home in a small airline’s magazine, an online travel agent’s web content or a wedding planner’s newsletter. Think small . Think cool. Choose off-the-beaten path shops, restaurants and little known, but interesting sights. Places the average reader would find fascinating , once they know it’s there! Most writers who are trying to get into travel writing jobs tend to restrict their ideas to the sort of thing found in every travel guide. The snows of Kilimanjaro, the Eiffel Tower, that sort of thing.

Foodies and sports freaks are additional demographic groups you might need to consider. It’s a big world of travel out there. When pursuing travel writing jobs, you’ll make progress more rapidly by developing a new take or slant on your idea. Write to an audience of history buffs, seniors, escapade travelers or students. There are additional travel writing jobs out there than you can shake a stick at! However, it’s completely doable and you’ll have fun writing every piece! The only caveat is that it may take quite a while before you are selling sufficient to make it more than an occasional sideline source of income.

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