Getting Ready for Campus

July 31st, 2009

When preparing for your first year in college, you have to start to plan what classes you are going to take. There are a lot of options to choose from. There are history classes that focus completely on King Richard’s pilgrimage during the crusades, classes that focus completely on African American poets, or classes to explore a variety of world religions. When creating your first schedule, it might help to sit with an advisor while picking classes.

Another preparation you need to focus on is figuring out your living situation. Most schools have some sort of rules about living on campus as a freshman. At some schools you will be required to live in a residence hall or dormitory for the first or possibly first two years. If you are required to live in a dorm, the school will most likely match you up with a roommate or two. You and your roommate will want to be in contact to figure out who is going purchase what for the room. The school will send you a list of prohibited and acceptable items. Most dorms will allow a mini-fridge and a microwave. Items like coffee pots and hot plates are usually banned. It is important to make sure you and your roommate discuss who is going to bring what to prevent you two from having duplicate appliances.

Decorating your dorm room is one of the fun parts of moving in. Lots of stores carry special merchandise specifically for dormitories. You will want to make sure you buy twin extra-long sheet sets so that they fit your bed. After all your linens are purchased, you can plan your color theme. One thing to remember is that whatever you plan on doing to the room will have to be undone by the time you move back out. If you put up poster on the wall, a tip for covering the holes is to use white toothpaste or whiteout on top of the holes.

Once you get on campus, you can visit the school bookstore to get your textbooks. However, you could potentially save some money if you order them off the internet instead. Ordering books online can save you some money, but it also can be a huge hassle to deal with shipping. Also, purchasing items like folders, paper, notebooks, pens, pencils, highlighters, and index cards are going to be cheaper at a grocery store than at the bookstore on campus. You may have to purchase special calculators or a device called a clicker that certain classes may require you to purchase; however you may not find out about that until the first day of classes.

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