Getting An Extra Salary Part Time

September 22nd, 2009

In order to earn some money, many young people look for part time jobs in the evening or at weekends. Advice on searching for part time vacancies is available on websites such as As young people are often still in school they need to find a part time job, which fits around their education. If you are looking for a part time job you should consider the following points:

• You should always have a copy of your CV ready, which should be fully up to date. You should write a CV even if you have never worked before. The resume may contain highlights or strengths about the applicant which could make the applicant stand out over other people that have applied for the same position and in the end get that job.

• At the interview stage you should ensure you are well dressed and your overall appearance is professional. One must be that finger-nails and hair are well groomed for the interview. The clothing you wear at interview should always be smart. A polo and khaki pants will be ideal for men and a polo and skirt for the women will do well for the interview. Keep your shoes clean and matching your outfit and don’t wear too much jewellery.

• Finding a new job is never easy, and you have to be prepared for a few rejections. Do not take rejection personally. You were just not right for the job. Learn from this and move on.

• When one is already in front of the employer, a firm handshake is always a good start. Walking in and showing ones sincerity in getting the job is another. Whilst in the interview make sure you convey why you want the job and the skills you feel you can bring to the organisation.

• It is worth noting that the interviewer may have other candidates to see, so don’t expect to be told if you have been successful straight away. Try and keep a list of where you have applied and when. Then follow up any applications in writing or over the phone.

You may find many part time jobs advertised at local levels, ie in the newspaper or on a community notice board. Check these frequently for any new vacancies that may be of interest. Supermarkets are always advertising part time work suitable for younger people, look for ASDA job vacancies online or at your local shop.

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