Get Rich Quick? Apply A Little Bit Of Sound Thinking If You Are Looking For A Livelihood Using The Internet.

July 22nd, 2010

Somebody once said – “Today, the greatest single source of wealth is between yours ears”. Well observing the amount of individuals who fall for Work From Home schemes, you would assume that they were all mentally bankrupt upstairs. There are no get rich easy answers, unless you win the lottery, or a particular long lost aunt bestows her millions to you. So when you see ads for “Make money working from home”, or “make thousands running your Internet Business”, by all means have a look at what is on offer, but use your common sense when pondering about working for these concerns.

Don’t get these concerns confused with Franchising Companies. Most Franchises are decent enterprises. They will be searching for people with skills in specific areas of commerce and with some cash to buy into a new or existing franchise concern. What we are speaking about here is envelope stuffing, product building, Data entry, reading books, typing and Online Jobs where not a lot of education or skills are needed. Frequently it’s one of two schemes – you either have to purchase your components and when you mail off your completed product, you never hear from them again, or your product doesn’t meet their “stringent” quality standards, and you don’t get rewarded. Or it’s a pyramid selling scheme so the money is made from recruiting other people.

By sticking to a few basic rules you can save yourself a lot of grief –

1. Don’t trust everything you peruse. Rarely do ads reflect the reality about an appointment or the company that is recruiting staff. This is above all true if the company is an Internet Business with no real property. Ring them and ask to speak to the managing director or head of personnel.

2. Be certain about who you are working for. It may be yourself!! If you are going to Work From Home doing physical work, or if you get one of these Online Jobs where you are keying in data etc, check who is paying you. Is it the company you initially contacted, or are they only making an opportunity for you and you find that you are really self-employed.

3. Confirm that the product or service is really wanted out there. If it is an Internet Business, are there other contenders. Who are the consumers and are there any appraisals or blogs about the type of business. Just because a company may say they will train you and send you notes to learn from, doesn’t indicate their product is any good. Would you purchase it? If not, then have qualms.

There are a lot of schemes out there. It does make individuals looking for Online Jobs very skeptical, but if you research your imminent new company thoroughly and make sure that you get a suitable employment contract, then there is no reason that you can’t Work From Home and earn good money. Just remember that it is very uncommon to get something for nothing. So if the situation is very superficial and entails little training or previous experience then you won’t get paid handsomely and there will be thousands of other individuals thinking they could do that job too.

The more a new job hinges on training, on education and on previous work experience, the more chance it will be a true opportunity and that the financial gains will be more rewarding for the hard work you put in.

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