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July 10th, 2010

Many agencies do not welcome the re-mailing of resume or re-filling of the questionnaires in their agency. In this case it is necessary to know the phone contact person responsible for correction and completion of questionnaires and summaries, and contact him/her if necessary to adjust your data.
So, having made the list of vacancies you would apply for, take this list and begin ringing the companies in list, present yourself, learn who is responsible for the selection of personnel in this company, ask to switch you to this man (learn the phone number and calls back).
How not to reduce your chances to “zero point” when filling out questionnaires of employer?
Many people commit the same mistake in employment every day. What do I mean?
Everything is very simple. The applicant does not adapt the resume and the data that feeds into the profile of the employer under the asserted claims.
Here is a typical case. The girl came to get a job of the seller in the shop. She filled out the form, gave it to recruiters, and started to leave.

Only this shows that she is not confident in her abilities. Asking her to stay until they examine the form, HR picked up the completed sheet and glanced at him.
There was nothing to catch for in it. There is no experience in this area. In addition, she is the part time student of penultimate year of university. And, therefore there are the regular sessions, lasting up to three weeks each.
In general, no way out. Even if there is a wish, HR manager can not catch hold of anything. But, to give the girl a chance, the recruiter asks: “Why have not you completed at least some courses for sellers, if you decide to work in this specialty?”

And the answer was: “I have finished it!”. Having heard this answer, recruiter’s face reflected a whole range of emotions, dominated by the surprising. It was difficult to understand why she had not disclosed this critical part for her in the questionnaire.
In further conversation more amazing details are being investigated. It turns out that she has not only graduated courses with excellent marks, but also has two months of practice held in fairly well-known shops.
Fantastic! Only career suicide may not mention these facts.

When you try to find out why she has not introduced these data in the questionnaire the following things reveal. Personally, for her, the studying the course was a simple necessity to earn money for the period of study, but much more significant event was a study in the university. Having finished that, she planned to work on a specialty.
Therefore, having prioritized for herself, she has devoted her studies constantly. She considered courses studying to be minor and insignificant.
So, do not make this mistake!
When writing a resume and filling in forms, you must try to find out what the requirements are put forward by your future employer, and repel from them.
He does not care whether you have a law degree or not, if he needs a consultant to the shoe store. An experience in similar work is more important in this case, so as recommendations, certificates of specialized courses and trainings. The availability of these data should be demonstrated to employer.

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