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January 1st, 2010

It’s no secret that the pharmaceutical business is one of the most profitable on the Internet. This is a very simple explanation: in a country like the U.S. there is no state regulation of prices for medicines. As a result, pricing in this market segment is almost entirely determined by the interests of major pharmaceutical corporations.
Because drug prices are very high, many Americans prefer not to buy medicines at the nearest pharmacy, and order them from neighboring Canada or Mexico, where they are several times cheaper. Since the late 1990′s Internet has become the main link between the American buyer, eager quality and at the same time, affordable, essential drugs, and foreign retailers’ pharmaceuticals.

According to the analytical agency even in 2003 the volume of drugs purchased by Americans abroad and through the Internet exceeded 500 million and strong growth of 30% per year has continued since.
What do they buy?

The undisputed leaders of the sales are all the products associated with the treatment of so-called erectile dysfunction in men.
First of all, it is Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. Only in America about 25 million men suffer from impotence, regardless of age, color or sexual orientation. Many of them prefer not to talk about their problems, even with a doctor, try to avoid personal contact and talk to the nasty topic, and buy the right medicine over the Internet. Another argument in favor of the Internet is an attractive price: speaking about a regular pharmacy, one tablet of any of these drugs is between 15 to 20 dollars, and in the Internet it is only $ 4-5! In the good Internet pharmacy, thanks to a flexible system of discounts, the average order is 60 tablets. This means that the average order amount is $ 270, which is significantly larger than, say, in the adult industry. At the level of commission at 30% and higher, and that is how much we offer to our adverts, our partners earn an average of one hundred dollars from a sale.
Where to look?

Viagra, Cialis and Levitra are often called as lifestyle drugs and are positioned not only as medicine, but simply as a means to make an impression in the bed, which may be useful to any man. Contrary to popular belief, a significant proportion of buyers are young people. According to official data of products producer Viagra was sold at 423 million dollars across the world in 2006, which is 10% more than in the previous year.
As usual, a lot of people search in search engines. According to in people searched in Yahoo within the December 2006 for:
• Viagra 262 863 times
• Cialis 111 110 times
• Levitra 57 103 times
• Pharmacy 466 208 times
• Online Pharmacy 80 380 times
And this is only the Yahoo!
Many are looking for combinations of “buy Viagra”, “Canadian pharmacy” and the like. They are looking for to order via the Internet. In evaluating of such factors as the proportion and location of our sites in the issuance of search engines for key words, the volume of our sales, the approximate level of conversion on our sites and our competitors, I can assume that drugs at least on $ 200 million are sold through the search engines annually. Of course, it is very rough estimate. More precise studies have not been conducted.

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