Forming a good SEO base

July 16th, 2009

We have understood what search engine optimization is, and the importance of it for a business owner. Now let us review a few guidelines that also help in one’s internet marketing efforts.

If you are not wanting to competing with other web sites who are involved in your business, then it is important to choose your own set of specific keywords. For example, if your site is related to the financial world then some commonly used keywords could be mortgage loan or real estate loan or quick loan. These keywords might be used by most of the competitor sites, so doing your keyword research can give you a leg up, allowing you to dominate in the niche areas of your market, allowing you to target traffic better, and also rank better more quickly. There are many SEO tools to help with this.

The best SEO consultants or optimizers usually advise that site owners pick one primary keyword from the domain or Sub domain name of their website & use it in their site content.
For more than a single keyword, you can use hyphens like in these examples: seo-help, Seo-how-to, etc.

The other approach will be using the other important keywords in the file name & directory name.
Keep in mind, a Search engine does not like pages that have many errors. To keep the pages free from errors, you should declare the type of document at the beginning and also should validate the CSS & HTML Coding.

When stating your main keyword in the title of the page, make sure it is about eight – nine words in length, as this will be displayed in the search engine results. One should choose your words carefully, as they will not only impact your SEO, but also click through ratio.

We all know the importance of those H or heading tags when it comes to optimization, so make sure to include your main keywords in those tags. Placement is also important.

Get into the habit of using synonyms instead of using those keywords in every sentence, you don’t need to cram your keywords everywhere. Please remember to use proper english when inserting your Meta tags since these are the words that will be displayed in your search engine results.

Sites that have many images should also make use of descriptive tags.
Do not load the site with flash; it will slow down the site speed and is not SEO friendly. Focus more on making rich content on each page. Excellent and compelling articles is one thing that creates popular blogs. With these tips in mind, you can form a quality, solid base for your SEO campaign.

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