Following On From Christmas, Sit Back, Have A Breather And Enjoy The Peace To The Max

January 6th, 2010

Even a few days after Xmas day, can we remember every gift we received and from whom? I try to do this every year, but usually have difficulty within a week of remembering them all. Is it that I am ungrateful? I do not believe so, I am very appreciative for what my family get for me, so what is it that stops me from instantly remembering all the gifts. Am I too indulged and receive so many it would be hopeless to remember them all? No, I receive from perhaps six people. I believe it is because I have so many ideas going on in my mind at any one time, I find it difficult to concentrate on just one.

Firstly, there is my immediate family. As with the majority of families today, it is a complex situation, each member with their own issues, and this takes up a big part of my thoughts. As well as that I have my property, which as with most houses, takes a good deal of money to keep in good repair and with quality furniture. Then there is my job. I am fortunate that I Work From Home, so do not have to commute each day to work, but being self employed does have its own fears. As I have not been involved in my Internet Business for very long, it is very much the early days of this task for me, with many doubts about when funds will start to come through. I know in truth that it will happen in the near future, but a lot of my thoughts are spent on this right now.

So, I do not beat myself up with the fact I cannot remember immediately every gift I have received. I thank people immediately for their gifts, before I have time to file that task away as complete, and it could be this is one of the reasons I do not remember the gifts, it is a completed job. As my Work From Home involves Online Jobs, I do not need to remember each job once complete, and I think that this carries on into my personal jobs. I need to consider jobs which are ahead of me or which I am currently working on, rather than those I have finished.

My Internet Business involves search engine optimization for other small and medium sized companies, so most of the jobs are Online Jobs, and the work is very exciting as I am dealing with cutting edge technology. Having the chance to work with companies dealing in a vast array of markets helps to give me a rounded perspective of the work people can take up, what alternatives there are for people starting out in industry. It is amazing, the ideas some people have come up with and created a business for themselves. The opportunity for me to assist them to increase visibility on the internet is a privilege after the work they have put into their company.

If you find that you, too, cannot remember every present you received, consider whether the above gives you pointers for your own situation, you may find you have many very good and valid reasons for not being a human lapotop.

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