Finding Exciting Positions Inside Home IT Support

August 29th, 2010

The internet and general computer use is now labelled as a common part of a lot of people’s lives. There aren’t a lot of people in the country who aren’t hooked up to the internet or own a computer. The problem with this however, is that for countless people, they have just rushed into getting a computer and have no idea how to operate it. There is a lot of pressure on people to embrace the online world as it makes so many things much more straightforward. With these people now obtaining computers, there needs to be a familiar name that people can go to for assistance, and that is where New Careers in Home IT Support come in.

Home IT Support is a service offered by BT to aid customers with computer and network problems they may come across within their home. If you’re looking for jobs in this kind of work then there are two excellent Career Choices offered by BT HITS. The first of these Careers is a position within BT’s call centres, working as a home IT advisor. These employees answer calls for the individuals who pay a subscription to the HITS service. Their main focus is to help with any computer related troubles that the customer may ask about, this could include virus removal, network configuration, software installation or just a general PC health check. These tasks can be accomplished by informing customers or by utilising remote access to their PC, so you can have full control. The great thing about these Careers is that you aren’t required to have high IT qualifications to apply, a great deal of the skills you use is through training and the different systems that you use for troubleshooting, which means any person who is interested in supporting others with technology can apply to be a HITS advisor.

The other side to these New Careers is becoming a HITS engineer. These people visit the customers home, as opposed to dealing with them remotely. They can carry out many different tasks to what the advisors can, for example some difficulties can be caused by a hardware fault and an advisor isn’t going to be able to fix this over the phone. The engineers can also assist with broadband setup and network diagnostics. Often a customer’s broadband connection may be running below expectations, in which case the HITS engineer may run tests on the internal wiring of the home’s phone line and make sure the customer’s system and router/modem is all performing well. You might also be configuring wireless networks for a customer or setting up a new PC that they may have just purchased.

Equally these Career Choices offer a wide mixture of troubleshooting duties. They both have distinct roles, obviously the engineer being the most practical of the two, but both are worthwhile options for anybody looking to join the IT industry. These Careers can open up many paths later down the line and can be very satisfying knowing that you have helped a customer who otherwise would have been lost without you.

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