Executive Jobs: Home Business Keys To Success Pt 3

January 31st, 2009

We have been leading you through the keys to success as you transition from your CEO job to operating your own Internet home business. Now that you have decided on what online product you are going to market and you have seen a proven track record, how do you plan effectively market your product? Are you simply going to follow a team leader and expect that “the system” will carry you to success? Have you asked yourself, “What will make my business sustain after the first few sales?” Even with such a great team leader and system, you will need to learn and execute the keys to success yourself!

Key Number 3:

Your Internet direct sales business opportunity should have a solid marketing system to support. You may have heard, “Marketing is everything.” It’s true! Don’t ever loose sight of it. The difference between being successful and falling into failure as do 95% of all home business start-ups will be the marketing system. So make sure you find a company that will offer you, as the direct sales agent, ongoing coaching and training in how to be an expert online marketer. This can be in the form of online training, manuals, or live events – but without it, your business will not grow quickly and will remain producing at a mere trickle, if at all.

When starting an Internet home business, it can be frustrating to be working independently and not see an immediate payback. With a combination of a good product and training, as well as the support system of people who have done it, your attitude will stay positive as you hit the inevitable road bumps. Whether your training program is online, through teleconferencing or live with another individual, having audible success stories and advice are imperative.

If you are left standing alone not knowing how to market, your website is going to sink to the bottom of the search engines anyway. But when you use the expert resources available to you with a good direct sales company, your trainers are going to want to see you succeed and will give you all the necessary tools and support.

No matter how great you think a product is, if the team leader can’t glow about the training and show how you will be taught, you should run the other way. Who cares how much money they say you will make if you aren’t given the tools and training to know how to make it?

Isolation will not lead to your success. Find other successful online business owners to spend time with – particularly those who have successfully transitioned from an CEO job to owning their own online home business. Surround yourself with the type of people you want to emulate. When you do this, you will be more likely to succeed in your business. Don’t try it by yourself. The best Internet direct sales home business is one that also provides you unsurpassed marketing tools, training, coaching and support.

- Henri Schauffler

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