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October 12th, 2010

Following the opening of the internet to the public, executive job search has never remained the same People without rewarding jobs, particularly the executive cadre have found it less and less complicated by the day to get a job, not bearing the distance or other such factors Websites that offer executive job search features are gradually becoming a hotcake on the internet these days. The most fundamental factor in landing an executive job through the internet is to have a readymade resume, uniquely exceptional that can captivate the attention of the potential employer Before applying for the executive job online, the resume must be distinct, allow your individuality to show through. Let others fit into a mold – your objective is to break the mold, stand out from the crowd, make yourself noticeable and worthy of consideration. Snail mail has become obsolete and does not serve the purpose of executive job search anymore

A great idea that can enhance online executive job search is to build a website with a few pages containing virtual portfolio where recruiters can view your body of work, read about your goals and obtain contact information Employers will generally contract people with vast experience in their profession therefore you must be adept with areas concerning your chosen career and say so in coherent and explicit language in the resume The site must be simple and easily-navigable. You can use search engines evaluate your standing in the case that employers search for suitable applicants. Another option is subscribe to forums where issues concerning executive jobs are discussed

Short video resumes are trending in this 21st century in the circle of executive job searchers. You stand out from the crowd and in short concise sentences, articulate more clearly on the main issues in your resume. Note that it is not a replacement, rather an accompaniment for your resume differentiating you from the whole that will definitely increase your chance of securing that dream job.

Interacting on social media sites is an excellent medium with which to search for executive jobs on the internet As soon as an executive’s CV is viewed, he/she’s likely being searched on Google and other search engines. Networking in social media is a key option for securing good executive jobs, but most executive job seekers totally ignore it, through ignorance of its importance, or through simple lack of time. The most popular social networking sites appropriate for senior executives include LinkedIn.com, eCademy.com, and Xing.com. Others are ExecuNet.com, RiteSite.com, and Netshare.com, facebook and myspace.

It is important to note that, consider the following when putting together a resume: run queries and do not stop searching. Utilize job alerts like RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds from one of the executive job search website. Maximize online recruiters’ directories and narrow your options by refining your search by region, industry, duration, etc. these simple steps can effectively improve your chances of securing the job of your dream.

Finally, when creating your profile, remember to be consistent with your name, and write in first party Your offer should be reasonable while stating it categorically. Underscore your uniqueness and keep your language clear and simple. Please do check the spellings too.

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