Do You Crave To Be An Independent Business Owner Or Join A Franchise Opportunity?

December 24th, 2009

So you are sick of working for someone else and making them money, instead you want to work for yourself and get yourself money, with none of the restrictions that employers lay on you. There are many ways to start your own organisation, you may have a product or service that nobody else promotes on the market, take an established product and make it even better, or put your organisation knowledge to an established model that is successful. So you have to make the selection, whether you’re an independent entrepreneur or you are going to direct a Franchise you must first take note of the advantages and disadvantages of both organisation models. You must be responsive of what the other one does, no matter what organisation model you make a decision to go with as this will enlarge your probability of success in the market.

Both organisation models are equal so the main variable is the business sort, it entirely depends on what type of a person the sort is and can be. It must take in their background, experience and predominantly their capacity to do business. In a Franchise you are, in a way, in a partnership with the franchisor so the extra support may be welcoming to some people starting out for the 1st time, but for other individuals this may be a turn off because they will not be totally independent.

The advantages of a Franchise are that there is a working organisation in place. The franchise has developed a proven system, whether it be selling cakes or cleaning houses and your Franchise Opportunity will be buying into that system. You will have an abundance of research material at hand by studying the other franchises, what sells, what marketing works and most valuable what’s drawing the customers. If you locate a Franchise For Sale with a familiar brand then the customer loyalty and awareness is already established, this is a major advantage over the independent route. The marketing power that a franchise possesses will also far out weigh that of an independent organisation because of the knowledge behind the franchise name.

The Franchise Opportunity should also offer a detailed training program that will not only guide you, but also test you to find out of you have what it takes to operate their franchise and to start up a organisation on your own. The franchise will want you to know the sector inside out before the Franchise Opportunity becomes your franchise to operate. You are paying for the franchise but with that you get the support, knowledge, and experience to make the franchise operate successfully.

The biggest advantage of being independent is that you organise every part of that business from the selling to the book keeping. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit then you will want to do what you want to do and not have limits, such as introducing new items, change the pricing structure or branch out into other locations. Some Franchise For Sale options do allow flexibility but they operate to a structure that works for them. Overall you will have to tolerate by their limits and protocol, so if this prearranged form of self-employment is not for you then the independent route is best.

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