Discovering Career Options As A Chef, And The Progression Chances To Aim For

June 30th, 2010

Almost everyone enjoys a tasty meal in a restaurant. But does anyone stop to think about the individials who cook the food? They are surely quite gifted to make such lovely and well presented meals. In actual fact, it isn’t too hard getting into Careers as a chef. There are many opportunities on offer and plenty of occasions for development, so if you’re searching for New Careers, why not consider this. As long as you enjoy cooking or helping out in the kitchen, you could start out on something easy and work up to potentially becoming head chef. Let’s have a glance at what options there is for these Career Choices.

A lot of chefs start their Careers lacking any formal qualifications, it’s not required to have degrees and A-levels, as long as you are able to read and write and recognise basic math there’d be no need for top grade qualifications. Nevertheless, there is still a selection of courses you can join to improve your chances, particularly NVQs. These are basically hands on courses, where you would be learning and working at the same time, going through chef training and learning food preparation. As for personal qualities, so long as you can stay calm and work under pressure you should be fine, but it’s also useful to have a good imagination if you wish to create your own meals.

When starting New Careers as a chef, if you’ve had no former experience, you’d normally start out as a commis chef. Commis chefs are simply junior or trainee chefs, you’d be learning to cook meat and fish and the basics of the kitchen, normally your responsibilities would be to help the other chefs and keep the place hygienic and tidy. If you’re successful here, you can advance into a Chef de Partie job. Chef de Partie are more hands on than the commis chefs, normally they would deal with a small team and take responsibility for a small area of the kitchen.

Succession from here would be to the position of Sous Chef. These Careers are the right hand men in the line of command in the kitchen and due to the responsibilities the head chef has, you willoften be doing a lot of the cooking and supervising the other kitchen staff. There is only one last step in these Careers after you reach Sous Chef, and that is the step to Head Chef. A head chef is the boss of a kitchen, they run the place, design the menus, deal with the suppliers and handle the finances. There is much work involved and most the time the cooking will be dealt with by the sous chef.

If you achieve Head Chef, well done, you can enjoy a very rewarding salary and use your creativity to design new dishes on the menu. If all of this doesn’t fill your appetite, some head chefs choose to alter their Career Choices a bit by opening their own bar or restaurant, offering all kinds of possibilities from your own themed restaurant, to a place aboard in a tourist location.

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