Developing Technologies And The Influence They Have On Jobs Both New And Old.

September 18th, 2010

As most of you are probably already aware, technology is constantly advancing, and it can occasionally have pretty dramatic effects on our everyday lives. Now advancing technology can have both a positive and negative effect on Careers that are presently in existence out there today. Today I am going to view both of these effects, and we can look at some of the New careers that have appeared as a result of advancing technology. We will also view some of the many Careers which have been made obsolete by advancing technology.

Sometimes a technological leap forward will be made, a breakthrough so astounding it can effect the way we look at a certain job. It could result in the creation of a completely New career, or the death of an old one. In a lot of cases, any improvement in technology generally means at least one role is no longer needed, and there are lots of examples of this happening in the past. One such career made extinct by technological changes is the chimney sweep job. At one time a chimney sweep, whilst a very dirty role, was also quite an important job – a dirty, unkempt chimney would be at risk of catching fire, or preventing smoke from being released outside, suffocating everyone in the home. So a pretty critical career back in its day, however now, with the introduction of things like central heating, homes are no longer even being built with chimneys. There might be perhaps a few people still out there undertaking this job, but overall the decline of it has been rather dramatic. There are other Careers which are believed to be under threat from our growing reliance on technology, Careers such as machine operators in factories, as the developed technology means the machines can almost run themselves, and a lot of administration Careers are suffering due to better computer systems which can automate a massive amount of work.

It is not all doom and gloom however, with better technology there can also be New careers made available. One such relatively New career is astronaut, which hasn’t been around for that much time in comparison to some Careers. Pretty much anything in the I.T. industry might also be considered a relatively New career, Careers which include developing, administering, and programming computers for businesses and organisations. You might also consider a New career that has been a result of the need to advance technology even further, such as researchers and developers.

Better technology may also have an indirect effect on Careers, in that it can change people’s lifestyles which can then in turn have a knock on effect on the importance of an older career, or again it could create a New career entirely, as people find a use for technology in ways not previously thought feasible. This means that there are frequently very subtle changes across Careers on a reasonably regular basis, although of course it is not just technology that influences this, things such as the present state of the economy can also have a dramatic effect on Careers.

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