Design Consultants

October 3rd, 2009

An expert who is called upon for professional or technical advice or opinions is often referred to as a consultant. There are many different kinds of consultants, some of which include environmental consultants and educational consultants. Design consultants, who normally begin by obtaining a degree in product design, will often work with students at different seminars and workshops by showing them computer-aided design software skills (CAD) or other aspects of product design.

Of course, being a design consultant does not mean that you are limited in your choices. Design can relate to many fields and consultants services, including building consultants where the design of the building is the main focus. Or even engineering consultants where the design is more of a mechanical or technical focus; the possibilities are almost endless.

Design consultants have also been known to lend their expertise to local companies and entrepreneurs after they have been contacted by them. They will check out the company’s idea thoroughly and then give them an opinion or offer suggestions and then will assist them in developing the product or idea. They may be paid a flat fee or even royalties from the sale of the idea or product. They have also been known to work with other individuals and independent consultants, who collectively discuss the different possibilities.

A design consultant can help businesses in many different ways, including improving customer access and making their company compliant with things such as the Americans With Disability Act. Often building consultants will work with a design consultant just for the purpose of complying with all of the regulations and figuring out how to make everything “fit” in an efficient, yet pleasing way. They have also been called upon to work with the National Center on Accessibility to help them complete their agenda in the area of technical assistance to companies that need to upgrade their current accessible areas.

If you are considering joining the ranks of professional design consultants, then that makes you just one of many who consider consulting a “dream” job. Even in times of economic uncertainty, the demand for experts is consistent and as such they will often receive the best opportunities. But, before you quit your day job and have business cards printed up, keep in mind that professional consultants have no support staff and are entirely responsible for selling their services. You should also note the “90/10″ rule that states you will spend 90% of your time selling yourself and 10% of your time doing the job.

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